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Web Server Status
Weather Display Version Number     10.37S   Build:  134
Weather Display was last restarted     12:31:31 AM 1/12/2022
Station Description   Personal Weather Station
Station Location   Southeastern Kedntucky - United States
Station Longitude   0084:12:51
Station Latitude   036:50:26
Operating System   Windows 10
Software up Time   5 Days 11 Hours 20 Minutes 2 Seconds
System free Memory   15.18GB
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System date and time: 01/17/22 11:33:31 EST

System Component Updated Time Time Since Update
Weather Station Real Time Live Data 01/17/22 11:33:16 EST 15 sec
Weather Station Radar Image 01/17/22 11:31:40 EST 1.9 min
NWS Advisory / Warnings Report 01/17/22 11:30:16 EST 3.3 min
Weather Station Forecast 01/11/22 07:30:47 EST 6.2 days
Webcam 01/17/22 11:30:19 EST 3.2 min

Never base important decisions that could result in harm to people or property on this weather information.

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